Charles Park, MD

Dr. Charles Park graduated from New York Medical College in 2001, completed his General Psychiatry program in 2005 at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, and graduated from his Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in 2006. Dr. Park is a board certified psychiatrist.

Dr. Park has numerous work experiences in mental health and substance use disorders and in a variety of health care settings. While living in Honolulu, Hawaii, Dr. Park held the position of Assistant Program Director for the physician training program in Addiction Psychiatry at the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine prior. Dr. Park also served as the addiction psychiatrist for an independent residential addiction treatment program in Honolulu.

After returning to Denver, Colorado, Dr. Park served as an addiction psychiatrist at the Denver VA Medical Center and at Arapahoe Douglas Mental Health Center. Currently, in addition to working at Arahant Health Services, LLC, Dr. Park serves as the Medical Director for two different community methadone clinics in Denver and as an addiction psychiatrist/consultant in several addiction programs in Colorado.

Dr. Park was a sub-investigator for two National Institute of Drug and Alcohol research trials evaluating medications to treat methamphetamine addiction.

Hy Gia Park, MPH, MD

Dr. Hy Gia Park graduated from the University of Hawaii School of Medicine, completed General Psychiatry Residency and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship both at the University of Denver. Dr. Park is a board certified psychiatrist.

In addition to her psychiatry training, Dr. Park also has two masters degrees, one in public health and the second in computer programming. Her master’s thesis in public health examined health care access and financing for immigrant populations. For her master’s thesis in computer programming, Dr. Park developed an integrated communication network in an upstate New York community hospital for their emergency services department.

Dr. Hy Gia Park grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii and attended Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dr. Park has experience working in various health care arenas beyond just clinical settings, including hospitals, outpatient clinics, community mental health, health maintenance organizations, and in the state legislatures through the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Some of Dr. Park’s research interests include, engaging adolescents in substance abuse treatment, the neurobiology of coping skills, and psychiatric issues in palliative care.